Founded in 2005, we are specialists that pride ourselves in crafting digital experiences online and offline.

Our methodologies.

As firm believers of objective based solutions, our ideas stem from the need, the problem. By utilising user personalities, behaviour and goals, we formulate our brief and craft our concepts and experiences around it.

We believe that every solution needs a narrative, an unseen dialogue between the work and the user. We help companies create that story.

Who we are.

Benjy Choo

Creative Director
Founder of Kilo Studio. Also full-time father, part-time guitarist, and quarter-time barista.

Lisa Lee

Project Manager
The epitome of calm and collectiveness. Has an extremely high-precision bird's eye view of every project brought to task.

Renny Sjaichudin

Account Executive
In the face of challenge she stands still and walks towards the wind. Like the ocean waves she carries you through the tides in times of difficulty.

Felicia Ang

Account Executive
Social media enthusiast. Passionate, determined and confident. Always reaching out to extend a warm welcome to others.

Isaac Wong

Design Technologist
Knowledgeable and jack of all trades. Has a vibrant lifestyle that includes rock climbing, mountain hiking, sky diving and drift racing.

Glenn Ko

Design Technologist
Unparalled skills that descended from nowhere. A gem found in a pool of rocks. When one encounters a problem, this scientist is the person to meet. Some call him Sheldon.

Sim Boon Long

Design Technologist
Organised. A man of structural thinking who aims to solve problems with purity and analytical skills. Enjoys a cuppa iced tea after lunch.

Vanny Salim

A gentlewoman of independence. Think Julia Roberts in Eat, Pray, Love. When not at work, you'll find her practising Yoga.

Angela Thng

Keeps up with the Kardashians.

Faye Xie

Observant, with a keen eye for detail. Harnesses the power of super awesome motion graphics design.

Concept to execution.

We specialise in creating holistic digital experiences for brands.


  • Art Direction
  • Concept Development
  • Interactive Design
  • Branding
  • Packaging


  • Frontend Development
  • Backend Development
  • Mobile Web Applications
  • Motion Graphics
  • Videography


  • Copywriting
  • Social Media
  • Campaign Strategy

Brands we have worked with.

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